Today, orthodontic treatment is different.

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Fortunately, metal bands have been replaced with brackets that are bonded with an adhesive right to the front of the teeth. They’re much more comfortable, smaller in size than an unpopped kernel of popcorn and much less noticeable.

How do braces move teeth?

It’s amazing how far orthodontic treatment can move teeth through bone. Your bone responds to the tension created by these brackets and wires by making special cells on each side of a tooth. These cells remove bone on one side of the tooth and make bone on the opposite side. That’s what allows the tooth to move.

It’s harder to clean your teeth once braces are on, so regular cleaning appointments are more important than ever. Permanent white stains or cavities may form on teeth isn’t regularly removed. After treatment, retainers are used to hold the teeth in their new alignment. Some retainers are designed to be removable, while others are cemented into place.